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AMS Annual Meeting In Atlanta - January 2010

The American Meteorological Society (AMS) holds its Annual Meeting every January, and this year's meeting was in Atlanta . A number of SJSU-Meteorology alumni,
faculty and students attended, and we were once again able to have a reunion event! We're planning to do this every year, so mark your calendars early for next year
in Seattle ! Five students represented SJSU at the Student Conference on Saturday, and worked as student volunteers for the rest of the week. Faculty presentations
in parallel scientific meetings were made by Bob Bornstein and Alison Bridger.

Below is a photo of us at our Alumni Event, held in the Atrium of the Omni Hotel, with the CNN Center in the background!

In addition, Eugene Cordero and Mike Voss received awards at the banquet. - congratulations to both! Eugene received the Editor's Award..." for providing numerous insightful reviews that were very beneficial to the authors as well as the BAMS readership." Mike received a "special award" as one of the founders of the WxChallenge, the national forecasting contest.