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New Meteorology Course for Fall - 09: Metr 12 Global Warming - Science and Solutions

New GE course: Area B1
MW 10:30-11:45
Instructor: E. Cordero

This core general education (GE) course is designed to develop an
understanding of the science of global warming and explore a variety of the
solution technologies. Topics include the Earth’s energy budget, the carbon
cycle, climate models and projections for the future. We will also cover
emerging mitigation opportunities including renewable energy, transportation
and our food system. Throughout the course, we will focus on using data to
understand change and develop solutions. A course project will allow students
the opportunity to explore solutions through various social change strategies.
The course will be taught using a combination of lectures, small group work
and personal response devices (i.e. clickers) to encourage a more interactive
classroom environment.

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