Q: Do the USGS/SJSU/Ludwig have wind pages for other regions? Where else can I find this sort of wind information?

      Enough users have asked about expanding the scope of the San Francisco Bay Wind Patterns page that we are looking into adding separate pages for Pt Reyes/Bodega Bay, the Sacramento/San Jauquine Delta region, and possibly Monterey Bay (The Naval Post Graduate School already has a wind page for Montery Bay). However, this process is quite involved and we expect it to take some time (many months) due to shortages of time and funding.  The first step of this process is to develop a relatively portable package which can be set up in new regions.  Our hope is to eventually be able to supply a shareware/freeware package to anyone interested in setting up their own page.  If you are interested in this project email us and we'll add you to the list.
      In addition to the work we are planning, Dr. Ludwig is willing to share his source code with anyone who is interested in setting up their own site. See How are the winds generated for more information, or email us with your questions.
     Also take a look at our list of related sites.

Q: Why does the page update so slowly (why are the data always at least 35 minutes old?)

      The data we use are sent to us by the National Weather Service.  We collect their data every hour (barring network problems which are more frequent than we like) at about :20 past.  This time is chosen as a balance between waiting for all stations to report data and collecting the data in a timely fashion. So even though the time stamp says :00 some of the data were actually collected between :15 and :20.  The collected data are sent to SJSU for pre-processing and quality control. Upon arriving at the USGS (around :36 past the hour) the data are then processed, the model is run and the result is what you see. 

Q: Are there plans to add Predicted Winds to the site?

      There is a large amount of interest in our providing predicted wind patterns for the San Francisco Bay area.  While this is far from a simple task, we are looking into the possibility of adding this feature sometime in the future.  We are looking at the possibility of driving a local model with regionally predicted winds such as found at Ohio State.

Q: Where exactly are the stations from which you collect your data? (The map is rather low resolution).

     We use data from between 40 and 70 stations each hour, depending upon which stations report good data. Most of these stations are mantained by the National Weather Service (SF Bay Area). For a list of stations being used and their locations in UTM coordinates, take a look at our station list. Also take a look at our list of Bay Area Windtalkers.  Feel free to email us with any further questions.

Q: Is there a static-named image I can reference (Is there a way I can include your wind field image on my website)?

     You may use our images free of charge if you give credit and include a link to this site. We have static-named images for the wind-field and for the observed winds. Please write to us and ask and we will be happy to supply you with the URLs.