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Current Conditions Updated at 10:50a on 11/23/11
Temp: 57.2 F / 14.0 C

Station Location:
........Duncan Hall Rooftop Observatory
........Lat: 37.33N Lon: 121.88W
........Elevation: 227ft

Dew Point:
46.3 F / 7.9 C
High Temp Since Midnight:
57.2 F at 10:50a
Low Temp Since Midnight:
46.5 F at 4:50a
Wind Chill / Heat Index:
57.2 F / 56.3 F
Relative Humidity: 67 %
Sea Level Pressure: 29.99 inches Hg
from ESE @ 4.0 kts
Gusts: 12.0 kts
Peak Wind Since Midnight:
from S @ 4.0 kts
at 1:20a on 11/23/11
Peak Gust Since Midnight:
from ESE @ 17.0 kts
at 10:40a on 11/23/11

Precipitation Data Ending at 10:50a on 11/23/11
For the Month:
0.28 inches
During the Last Hour:
0.00 inches
Last Month:
0.58 inches
Since Midnight:
0.00 inches
For the Year Beginning July 1:
0.86 inches
Yesterday's Total:
0.00 inches
Last Rain Year:
14.36 inches

Data for Yesterday - 11/22/11
High Temp:
65.0 °F at 3:00p
Low Temp:
45.6 °F at 6:00a
Peak Wind:
from SSE @ 4.0 kts at 4:40a
Peak Gust:
from SE @ 11.0 kts at 4:40a
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