Prof. Clements' Meteorology 10 class launched a weather balloon
from the roof of Duncan Hall on December 3, 2009.

Graduate student Daisuke Seto helps Patrick Ferrell with the balloon filling.
Daisuke helping Angie Tran tie on the sonde.
Students prepare for the launch.
And it's off...

There it goes...

Adam Arce balloon watching, while Cutum Derecho poses for the camera.
Some students still entertained and watching while Spencer Moore smiles for the camera.
Now Cutum looks interested and Suzie Oh has her eye on the balloon and Jessica Suen smiles for the camera. Tony Huynh is anxiously watching the data stream in to make sure there is something to analyze.
Students Darlene Tran, Melissa Hoyt, and Stacey Pinheiro posing for the camera.

Meteorology is fun!


What a beautiful sounding!