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The purposes of this site are to enhance the exchange of information and to solicit questions related to aviation weather. In this context "aviation weather" refers both to the general topic and to my texts: Aviation Weather; Turbulence, A New Perspective for Pilots; the Aviation Weather Laboratory Manual; and the Aviation Weather Instructor’s Guide. Links to detailed descriptions of each of these publications are listed on the left of this page.

CHANGE NOTICE: Effective November 5, 2008, U.S. TAF code underwent two slight format changes to bring it in line with international TAF code. These changes were driven by the introduction of 30-hour TAFs for high impact U.S. Airports. The changes are as follows: In ALL coded TAF messages, two-digit UTC dates are now given with every two-digit forecast hour. For example, on the 16th of the month, an hour group that used to read "18/24" now reads “1618/1724.” More detailed examples are available at the Aviation Weather Center (AWC) at

In all editions of the Aviation Weather text, including the 2007 version, references to TAF code do not reflect these recent changes. However, the new date/time indicators are quite simple to interpret and the study of the larger TAF code should not be impacted. Affected material is the following: Aviation Weather: P16-8 (Figure 16-3), P16-28 (Ques.5), P16-29 (Ques.15), and Pages D-9, and D-10 (TAF code breakdowns). Aviation Weather Exercise Manual: Chapter 6: P16-2 (Task 16-1) and P16-20 (Ques.1). If you have any questions, please let me know.

There are three sources for the purchase of Aviation Weather and related material: Jeppesen at; AVIALL at 1-800-AVIALL1; and the web (search using the title of interest). For AVIALL and Jeppesen purchases, refer to Jeppesen Part Numbers: Aviation Weather JS 319010, Aviation Weather Image CD JS 302260-004, Aviation Weather Instructor’s Guide CD JS 415326-001, Aviation Weather Laboratory Manual JS 319020-002, Turbulence, A New Perspective for Pilots JS 319006

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