How to Adjust Java Settings to Run Java Apps in Windows Browsers.

This write-up is plagerized and imporved upon from the NASA site:

The fact that the Java applications do not run is due to higher 
security settings on the user's PC.  We have not modified any of 
our software, and have received no reports of malware associated 
with our website.  

We are providing the following instructions for adjusting your Java settings 
so that your computer will allow you to use our Java web applications. 
The following instructions work on Windows 7 ( & maybe other Windows versions):

From the task bar Go to "Programs" - select "Java"

Within the Java Folder Double Click "Configure Java".

1. Select "Security" - set to "High"

2. Toggle "Enable java in the browser"

3. Click "Edit Site List" at the bottom

4. A Window will pop up showing the exception sites list. Click on "Add"

5. Enter "" in the new box created. 

6. You'll be prompted with a warning about being HTTP press continue and OK

7. When you open the applet in a Supported Browser (IE 11, Safari, Mozilla) A prompt will be shown
 asking permission to run the Java applet. Press "run". The applet should run now.

When you attempt to run our applets you will now receive a banner warning that 
Java programs can be dangerous, and asking whether you still want to execute 
the program. If you select "yes", the programs will execute as before for most 
applets. Some applets display animated .gif images. The downloaded version of 
these applets do not display the images, while the on-line version show the 
images. The security patches are changing to meet new threats. 
Hopefully, they will allow for full Java implementation in the future.